Full name

Mark Shannon


Digital Designer


Durham, UK


Design has been a huge passion of mine from an early age and was always something I hoped I’d make a career out of. I was offered a position at MoneySavingExpert.com when I was 20 and without hesitation I moved my whole life to London on a weeks notice to make that a reality. I’m always striving to get better at what I do and learn new things as the design world evolves. After gaining priceless experience at one of the biggest websites in the UK I’ve relocated back to the North East to further progress my career as a designer. I’m eager to find a role in a creative environment that thrives on producing clean and exciting work.

References available on request.


Digital Designer


London, UK · 2016 – Present

Since leaving my last job I’ve taken on several freelance projects, this is something I’ve been doing for a number of years but only recently have I had the chance to be dedicated to it full-time. These projects focus mainly on creating responsive layouts and fresh branding for new and existing websites. This has allowed me a lot more freedom when designing and has also helped improve my communication skills as I try to ascertain exactly what they need at the beginning of the project.

Digital Designer


London, UK · 2009 – 2016

I worked at MoneySavingExpert.com for 7 years as a Digital Designer. In my time there I grew a lot as a designer thanks to the wide variety of work and challenges I was presented with. Working in an agile environment I was involved in redesigning the site to ensure it was mobile friendly, I was lead designer on numerous new web products being developed and was also in charge of producing all printed materials at MSE such as PDF guides, posters and business cards. In my last few years there I was involved in the hiring of junior talent into the team and also produced a process document for them to use to ensure they were using best practices and understood the team’s workflow.


MIS Mechanical Ltd

Durham, UK · 2006 – 2008

While this job is not design related I felt it important to include in my CV as it was my first full-time job after leaving college. The role consisted of carrying out various forms of destructive and non-destructive metal testing, calibrating machinery and ensuring the accuracy of test results. This job really helped improve my eye for details as one error in the test results could prove costly for the company and for the client. This role helped gave me a good understanding of the working world and what is expected of you in the workplace. Unfortunately in December ‘08 there were several redundancies with my job being one of them. Thankfully, this gave me the push I needed to pursue the career in design that I’d always wanted.


Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, CSS